#282: All Of This Shenanigans Over A Camera

#281: Hidden Under Hair and Self-Doubt

© Pete Turner

This week, we’re attempting to answer some of your questions that range from our desert island photo choices to whether or not ego affects how we take pictures. There are also questions on how to recognize when a project is done and whether or not it’s possible to change your photographic style. As usual, we got some questions that really stumped us, and some that we’re going to have to come back around to after thinking about them a bit. Pete Turner is our Photographer of the week.

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#280: Tacking Left And Right Into The Wind

#279: Letting It Go For A Better Offer

© William Wegman

This week, does progress take the place of craft, or can things simultaneously move on while still staying the same? Or is the romance and nostalgia of “the way things used to be” just a manufactured memory? Also, how intentional are you about the colors in your photography? The colors you choose (and choose to leave out) can have a dramatic emotional effect on how your work is received. Plus, Sarah Oliphant has been at the forefront of backdrops for decades. Peter Hurley visits her studio to see what all the fuss is about. William Wegman is our Photographer of the Week.

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#278: One and A Quarter Step Forward