#265: Neuronic Connections

© Stanley Greene

This week, a brief discussion around depression after the tragic loss of Chris Cornell leads us into a discussion of Basquiat and the recent sale that put him at the top of the heap of American artists (at least in terms of dollars paid for a single piece). Also, do your tools or creative spaces imbue you with superpowers? Should we expect them to? Plus, Greg Heisler of light and color. Photojournalist Stanley Greene is our Photographer of the Week.

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#264: Advice Needs To Be Calibrated

© Chema Madoz

This week, a discussion around music producers leads to wondering if the same producer-artist relationship to be productive for photographers. Would bringing in an outside – yet trusted – set of eyes help newer, better work emerge? Also, where does criticism come into play? Do you post wanting unsolicited feedback or do you look for honest critique from only a select few. Plus, a couple listener emails on whether writing about photography (or art) helps or is even necessary and help in choosing full frame or crop sensor. Chema Madoz is our photographer of the week.

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