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#275: The Good, Fast, and Cheap of Photography

© Olive Cotton

This week, we discuss the work of photographer Chris Killip, whose photographs of Northern England from the 1970s and 1980s manage to embody the spirit of the people as well as the landscape. Who are some of your favorite photographers who perfectly capture the feel or the energy of a particular time and place? We also talk about David Hockney, from the perspective of his ability to constantly explore and embrace new processes and techniques. Plus, the pros and cons of cropping. Olive Cotton is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #collageComposite

Chris Killip Photographer

Now Then: Chris Killip and the Making of In Flagrante | The Getty Museum

Hong Kong In The 1950s Captured By A Teenager

Chris Killip – Wikipedia

Chris-Killip-Now-Then-The-Making-of-In-Flagrante-38-e1495641441734-895×716.jpg (895×716)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney | The Getty Museum

R.E.M. – Imitation Of Life (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Quantel Paintbox – Wikipedia

An Untouched Frank Lloyd Wright House Is For Sale | Apartment Therapy

“Painting with Light”. David Hockney. – YouTube

The Universe Doesn’t Care About Your ‘Purpose’ – The New York Times

Cropping – Krishna Mohan Photography

John G. Morris, Renowned Photo Editor in the Thick of History, Dies at 100 – NYTimes.com

Robert Freeman – The Greatest Forgotten Photographer of the 60s

MACK – Alec Soth – Sleeping by the Mississippi

Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings

Irving Penn: Centennial

Frank Lloyd Wright Interactive Portfolio

Usonia 1 – 99% Invisible

Olive Cotton – Wikipedia

Works by Olive Cotton :: The Collection :: Art Gallery NSW

Photography by the Letter — jeffery saddoris

9979464_orig.jpg (591×800)

#274: The Unatographer

© Robert Freeman

We begin this week with a little tech talk around monitors. Is 4K the way to go, or is an ultrawide 1080 the better play? In the end it’s just pixels, but most photographers want as many as they can get. We also talk about elevating photography into an art form, exemplified by the career of John Szarkowski, an iconic photo curator who recently passed away. Plus, what makes a portrait? Robert Freeman is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #communication

AT-LP120-USB Direct-drive Professional Turntable (USB & Analog) with AT95E Cartridge || Audio-Technica US

Cheap Trick at Budokan – Wikipedia

Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005–2016 

SGI 1600SW – Wikipedia

SGI O2 – Wikipedia

ultrawide, LCD / LED Monitors, Monitors, Computer Systems – Newegg.com

John Szarkowski, Eminent Curator of Photography, Dies at 81 – The New York Times

Atget: Postcards of a Lost Paris

Brassai: The Monograph

Superman’s ‘stache is causing woes for Justice League

“White Nights” – 11 pirouettes – YouTube

11pirouettes-Slo-mo analysis of Baryshnikov in White Nights – YouTube

Olive Cotton Award: Photographic portrait prize awarded to image without a face

A Camera Made from 32,000 Drinking Straws – BOOOOOOOM! – CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTS

Miroslav Tichý – Wikipedia

Photographer Snaps Nearly A Hundred Photos a Day With Homemade Camera | Fstoppers

Photography by the Letter — jeffery saddoris

Robert Freeman (photographer) – Wikipedia

REVOLVER: Robert Freeman’s Cover Design – YouTube

Robert Freeman – The Greatest Forgotten Photographer of the 60s