#135: No Touchdowns In Photography

#134: A Couple Dozen Eye Rolls

#133: No Way Out But Through

#132: Some Kind Of Sublimation

Image © Chris Engman

Image © Chris Engman

This week, a wrap up of our terrific OTP meetup in Philly sparks an interesting discussion. Should art – both the making and the viewing – be a privilege or a right, regardless of ethnicity or economic standing? Are humans better with a healthy serving of art and culture in their diets? Also, is there such thing as too much art? Fascinating installation artist Chris Engman is our Photographer of the Week.

If you’re lucky enough to earn a living from your art, you’re probably white – The Washington Post
Amelia Earhart plane part possibly found on Pacific island – NY Daily News
Luis De Jesus – Chris Engman
OTP G+ Group Assignment: #food
Jeffery’s video of his dad made with Animoto

#131: Fuddy Duddy Hall of Fame