Short-takes 12/10

– I’ve seen the future of my backups and it’s an eSATA hard drive dock. Like this one
I got one delivered today with a little $20 eSATA PCI card and a 1.5TB seagate drive and it works great. 100MB/sec transfer and I can just get a bunch of bare drives to write my stuff to each night. Already ordered a little Pelican case to hold them. That way if my house is burning down, I just need to grab one box to save my whole life’s work.

– Spent last Saturday at the Whitney Museum’s William Eggleston retrospective. I wasn’t sure if I was a fan of his work, but after seening this large collection of medium size and beautiful prints, I’m a convert. He sees those things around us that I wish I saw. Just wonderful and well worth the trip if live in or around NYC. If you can’t make it, consider getting the book for yourself or your photographer friends.

– Speaking of books, my friend Meg Wachter made a book of her series “Dumped!” So go buy one!

– I will be taking delivery of my 5D Mark II tomorrow, I’ll certainly let everyone know how that goes.

– And on friday I should be getting my new NEC 3090 monitor, a review of it will be forthcoming as well.

– Oh and while the hard drive and 4×5 and lensbaby are sold, I still haven’t closed the deal on the lenses and monitor from last week’s sale. I’ll give it another couple days before I put the stuff on ebay. Everyone who was interested, please email me.