On Taking Pictures #71 – “Disruption”


Are you following a straight line or tacking an irregular course? Is one more effective than the other, providing you can see True North? What is the real value in a life spent making art? Plus, Russian photographer and graphic designer, Alexander Rodchenko is our Photographer of the Week.

Show Notes

A More Detailed Look at Replichrome: Film for Lightroom

Kayla Harrison – Judo Compilation – YouTube
Scanning Film with a Camera – My Test : On Taking Pictures
Acer announces 6-inch Liquid S2, ‘first 4K-recording smartphone’

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Photographer of the Week
Alexander Rodchenko » Photo Forager
Alexander Rodchenko – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alexander Rodchenko photography – Google Search
Creeping example of Soviet Montage

Books We Recommend
The Struggle for Utopia: Rodchenko, Lissitzky, Moholy-Nagy, 1917-1946
Rodchenko: Design