#186: Little Blips of Satisfaction


This week, we begin with a warm thank you to everyone who made it out to the DC meetup. It was really terrific to get to meet you all and we will definitely be doing more of these. The big discussion centers around a question from a listener who asked whether talking so much affects the doing—and both the quality and quantity of what we actually are able to ship. Also, giving yourself permission to fail. Icelandic shooter, Ragnar Axelsson is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #morningroutine

John Oliver Paris Attacks – YouTube

Jeremy Mann

Artist Anish Kapoor finds “royal response” to Versailles anti-Semitism – Telegraph

Kapoor Versailles – Palace of Versailles


Viewpoint: How creativity is helped by failure – BBC News

Perfect and Unrehearsed – NYTimes.com

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Ragnar Axelsson

All the ‘Happy Birthday’ song copyright claims are invalid, federal judge rules – LA Times

Artists In Jackson