#188: A Facsimile of a Facsimile

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This week, we discuss a terrific NPR article on how people prefer to consume and contextualize information. It may offer some insights into how we as creators present our own work and how and to what degree a given audience may respond. Also, what do you do when what’s popular isn’t the way you see? Do you try to bend your own aesthetic to fit in, or stay in the familiar and let them come to you? Plus, we tease up a few items for next week, so be sure to check the show notes. John Chiara is our Photographer of the Week.

Berlin Mirimalism: Miri Berlin

Do Visual Stories Make People Care? | NPR Visuals

Taylor Wessing photographic Portrait Prize 2015 – Five Girls entry from 2008

PPP_Martyn_2013.jpg (310×414)

The seven ages of an artist | Art and design | The Guardian

Todd Reynolds

Holga Factory Ceases Operation of Holga Cameras! | Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Behind “Blackstar”: An Interview with Johan Renck, the Director of David Bowie’s Ten-Minute Short Film | NOISEY

Digital images can’t be trusted, says war photographer Don McCullin | Art and design | The Guardian

John Chiara

John Chiara – Photographic Process – YouTube