#297: Dog On A Motorcycle

©Pentti Sammallahti

Happy New Year! This week, we’re talking about various ways to approach 365 (or any long term) projects, inspired by some questions from a listener. Topics include: approach, overall goals and how to mark your progress when single pieces may take longer than a day to complete. If you’re starting a new project this year, we would love to check it out. We also discuss an article on Kotaku highlighting some incredible shots from video games. With so many “real” photographic principles being applied to modern gaming, do screenshots count as photography? Also, we’re going to try ending each month with a Q&A/Crit Wall show. If you have questions, or would like us to discuss a photo or two, email us at podcast at ontakingpictures.com

the 365 project

the 52 project

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Some Of 2017’s Best Video Game Screenshots


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