#180: Holding a Leica, In Her Underwear


This week, we’re talking about influences, using the terrific Keith Richards documentary Under the Influence as a starting point. How do we want to be influenced and to what end do we allow our work (or art) to change because of it? Too little and the influence may be wasted. Too much and the work may cease to be our own — and ultimately less authentic. We also talk about art as a vehicle for moving us towards attentiveness, as explained wonderfully by Milton Glaser. Plus, we’ve got some links that we will be discussing next week about inspiration and what we could or should expect from it. Conceptual photographer Daisuke Yokota is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Community – Assignment – #stairs

Kravitz Design

Details // LEICA M-P CORRESPONDENT // Leica M // Photography – Leica Camera AG

Adobe Unveils New Mobile Apps, Adobe Portfolio and Updates to Desktop Apps at Adobe MAX – Mac Rumors

iMazing | iPhone, iPad & iPod Manager for PC & Mac. Transfer, Copy, Backup Music, Files, Apps & Messages. (was DiskAid)

Pixar Artists Test Drive The Apple Pencil — What Do They Think About It?

The Guggenheim Puts Online 1600 Great Works of Modern Art from 575 Artists | Open Culture

Over 8,400 NASA Apollo moon mission photos just landed online, in high-resolution / Boing Boing

Trombone Shorty – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Keith Richards: Under the Influence – Trailer – A Netflix Documentary [HD] – YouTube

10 Things We Learned From ‘Keith Richards: Under the Influence’ | Rolling Stone

Learning from Keith Richards’ fingers

“What is Art, and What is Not?” – YouTube

Ep. #12: Brene Brown on “Big Strong Magic” by Magic Lessons | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Photographer takes snaps of ‘real people’ with battered and bruised faces | Daily Mail Online

Amazon.com : Kyocera Yashica T4 Super Weatherproof Camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar T* 35mm F3.5 Lens and Waistlever Super Scope Viewfinder : Point And Shoot Digital Cameras : Camera & Photo

Yashica T4 – Camerapedia

Konica Hexar – Camerapedia

HEART – STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN in HD – The Kennedy Center Honors LED ZEPPELIN, 2012. – YouTube

Stairway to Heaven Stanley Jordan – YouTube

daisuke yokota website

Daisuke Yokota | Conscientious Photography Magazine

Shoot, Print, Repeat: An Interview With Daisuke Yokota | American Photo

#179: The Timeline of that Osmosis


This week, we talk a little about the iPhone 6s and the iPhone’s impact on photography for both amateurs and professionals. Also, we discuss the Bruce Gilden photos that have been making the rounds lately from his recently released book, Face. Should intent be a factor in viewing or appreciating photography, or is it all about the end product? Also, a few teasers for next week, when we’ll be discussing influence and the question of whether or not something is art, simply because it moves you to attentiveness. Linden Gledhill is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #stranger

Jack Hollingsworth: Small Camera Big Results – YouTube

TV station shelves expensive gear to report the news with iPhones | Cult of Mac

A latter-day freak show? Bruce Gilden’s extreme portraits are relentlessly cruel | Art and design | The Guardian

Bryan Adams: Wounded: Amazon.co.uk: Bryan Adams: 9783869306773: Books

Bruce Gilden

Watch ‘The Warriors’ Recreate Their Last Subway Ride Home | Rolling Stone

Mad Max: Fury Road – The Silent Cut trailer | Live for Films

A one-of-a-kind marketplace from Steven Soderbergh. – Extension 765

Keith Richards: Under the Influence – Trailer – A Netflix Documentary [HD] – YouTube

IT MIGHT GET LOUD | Sony Pictures Classics

‘Yes I’m obsessive’: The 50,000-hour paintings of Ben Johnson – BBC News

Joey L. – NYC-based Photographer and Director

Linden Gledhill Photography

Science Photographer Reveals Beauty of the Microscopic World

#178: Circles for Sixty Years

701, 1/25/00, 8:52 AM, 8G, 5250x7000 (375+500), 100%, Normal 8, 1/30, R328, G274, B620,

This week, we’re back in our respective cities and begin with a bit of follow up on the discussion around tools and process started in last week’s “walk and talk” episode. We also ask ourselves and each other “what’s my creative hurdle or bottleneck?” Here’s a question for you listeners: How directly do the tools you use affect your final product? Can you ONLY get the results with a DSLR and “big lights”? Or would mirrorless and natural light be just as good? Hiroshi Sugimoto is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #circular

Special When Lit – A Pinball Documentary – on DVD, Blu-ray & iTunes Download

Stunning Photo Series Highlights The Beauty Of Black Dogs That Are Often Overlooked In Adoption

Black Dogs Project

Chasing Dragons [Review]

Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter’s Eye

Red Dot Camera wants to bring the Leica experience to your iPhone: Connect

Circular Fisheye Photography – Luminous Landscape

william-klein12.jpg (1256×1770)

Here’s a collection of photos I made while riding my bike around the city in…

Agne Gintalaite photographs Lithuania’s Soviet-era garage doors in Beauty Remains.

sugimoto-arch-002.jpg (864×673)

Hiroshi Sugimoto – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hiroshi Sugimoto

On Instagram and Other Social Media, Redefining ‘User Engagement’ – The New York Times

#177: The Reflection Isn’t Perfecto

Smithsonian Institution official photographer from 1870 until his death in 1917

This week, we’re going West Wing and doing a walk and talk LIVE from the National Mall in Washington DC. We’re talking about the connection between tools and process and their effect on the work we produce and we wonder whether it’s better to just keep using the tools that are familiar, rather than always chasing the latest pieces of kit. Since we are on the Mall, home to the many of the Smithsonian museums, our Photographer of the Week is the first photographer and curator of photography for the Smithsonian, Thomas Smillie.

National Mall – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fly-by-wire – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Smithsonian’s First Photographer | Smithsonian Institution Archives

Bill Wadman (@billwadman) • Instagram photos and videos

Smithsonian’s First Photographer | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #photographersChoice

#176: Creativity is a Line Item


This week, are film shooters just better photographers? Also, we discuss a TIME article that suggests the idea that traditional photographs will soon become relics, out of time with the future of photography. Plus, a listener asks what we think of the classic “nifty fifty.” Pedro E. Guerrero is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #vintageProcess

Process Driven: Sam Faulkner

Film vs. Digital | Amber Events

We’re All Artists Now – The New York Times

Nikon D3s – Mark Seliger, Photographer – Baryshnikov Shoot – YouTube

The Next Revolution in Photography Is Coming | TIME

The Future of Photography | Photoshop Blog by Adobe

Hipstamatic – TinType

Pedro E. Guerrero – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pedro E. Guerrero « | Official Pedro E. Guerrero Archives

Pedro E. Guerrero ~ Preview | American Masters | PBS