#255: If It Says VIP, It’s Not VIP

© Laurent Nivalle

This week, we discuss the paralyzing power of depression via a story of a Chinese photographer called Ren Hang, who recently took his own life. Also, a quick roundup of some of our current favorite photo apps. Plus, we tease a couple articles to discuss next week around the creative process of artists like Beck, Tom Waits and Kendrick Lamar as well as the value of immersion via Chrissie Hynde. Laurent Nivalle is our Photographer of the Week.

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Three Iconic Musicians on Artistic Creation — and Its Importance Now – NYTimes.com

SKEW on the App Store

Fotograf on the App Store

Procreate Pocket

The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde in studio q – YouTube

Adobe mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android apps | Adobe Creative Cloud

Ren Hang, Provocative Chinese Photographer, Dies at 29 – The New York Times

Ren Hang – TASCHEN Books

Djimon with Octopus, Hollywood (Getty Museum)

Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock – Movie Trailers – iTunes

Infographic shows the (depressive) state of the camera industry – 43 Rumors

Photographer Spends Three Months Building His Own Sets by Hand for Cinematic Photo Series | Fstoppers

GILBERT O`SULLIVAN tells the TRUE story of ALONE AGAIN ( Naturally ) – YouTube

Episode 07 :: Revisionist History Podcast

Laurent Nivalle

DS 60 ANS – Director’s cut on Vimeo

#254: Bob Ross on Mute

© Aaron Siskind

This week, we’re starting out with a discussion around craft, inspired in part by the terrific Netflix series, Abstract. Also, we talk about two extremes of making work – at one end, we cite John Free and his 10 year photo essay project talking to people in the train yards in Los Angeles. On the other end, is the recent pop-up display of images and contact sheets from Robert Frank’s The Americans which, at the request of the photographer, were taken down and destroyed. Is one of these things a more valid expression of art than the other, or are they each a potentially necessary part of the creative process? Plus, with our five year anniversary coming up, we’re asking if you have any ideas on how you’d like to see us mark the occasion. If so, email us at podcast@ontakingpictures.com. Aaron Siskind is our Photographer of the Week.

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Mobile HD Video Camera for iPhone, iPad | App of the Year

Ben Thomas

jeffery saddoris — Process Driven: Ben Thomas

Hirshhorn Museum visitor breaks pumpkin taking selfie | Daily Mail Online


Advanced de-faking: using public sources to trace the true age of a suspected propaganda video / Boing Boing

How This Wildlife Photographer Got His Shot On a Postage Stamp | Digital Trends

10 Year Photo Essay by John Free – YouTube

My Photography Lesson With John Free | The Art of Photography

Engineering Prints | Color Engineering Prints | Staples®

How Much Faster is a Modern Workstation for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017?

How Much Faster is a Modern Workstation for Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.8?

Aaron Siskind – Wikipedia

Etherton Gallery – Aaron Siskind

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#253: Imagineers Are Never Gonna Do South Park

© Eli Reed

This week, we respond to a couple listener emails — one involves questions around valuing work and the other is a followup to last week’s discussion around barriers. Also, what do you expect when you post your work online? Are you looking for constructive criticism, likes or is it just a vehicle for sharing what you make? Magnum photographer Eli Reed is our Photographer of the Week.

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Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Brooklyn Students With College Scholarships | NBC New York

Sony announced the world’s fastest SD card with 300MB/s read and write speed – 43 Rumors

Pro Tools | First | Avid

Log Commercial – YouTube

Eli Reed – Wikipedia

Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio

Photojournalist Eli Reed Shares Some of His Favorite Images

Photographer Eli Reed – YouTube

Eli Reed: The Lost Boys of Sudan – YouTube

#252: That’s Not What Cameras And Books Were Made For

© Herbert Randall

This week, an email from a listener sparks a discussion about shipping – specifically around our own expectations over what comes next. This leads us into a broader discussion around self image, privilege and fears – both real and imagined. Also, is an MFA in photography a good idea? Plus, we got lots of terrific phone calls from you and want more. Keep them coming! Herbert Randall is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment:#dutchangle

The Police – Mother [Synchronicity – 1983] – YouTube

World Press Photo 2017: The Best People Images | Time.com

These ’80s Artists Are More Important Than Ever – The New York Times

Admissions: ICP-Bard MFA | International Center of Photography

The best team jugglers in the world! – YouTube

Playboy is bringing back nude photoshoots | Dazed

Small Town Inertia by Colin Wilkinson (Bluecoat Press) — Kickstarter

If you were a hot dog… – YouTube

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Herbert Randall | Black Culture Connection Explorer | PBS

Watch Full Episodes Online of American Experience on PBS | Herbert Randall – “The Photographer”

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement — Images of a Peoples’ Movement

Gettysburg Address – Wikipedia

#251: I’m Just Gonna Shut Up And Sit Here

© Lorna Simpson

This week, we’re talking about film gear and answering some listener questions about our favorite film cameras. Also, a discussion around the challenges of becoming derivative of your own work, especially when you’ve done it for decades. We use Billy Joel and Mark Seliger as examples. Plus, despite low earnings, camera makers are still developing some pretty incredible tech. Lorna Simpson is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #convergence

The Best Camera For Beginning Film Shooters? Maybe! | Fstoppers

Pentax K1000 – Wikipedia

Depeche Mode – Where’s the Revolution – YouTube

Duckpin bowling – Wikipedia

Synthetic ice – Wikipedia

Abstract The Art of Design Trailer: Netflix Designers Docuseries | IndieWire

Rolling Stone to Christopher Street: 30 Years of Portraits – Interview with Mark Seliger | LensCulture

Billy Joel – Here’s The Thing – WNYC

Is Obama’s official White House photographer trolling Donald Trump?

GoPro lost $373 million during its awful 2016 – The Verge

Nikon restructuring causes casualties to bottom line, camera line and production line | TechCrunch

Panasonic announces the World’s first Organic CMOS Image Sensor

Photographs of working class Brits recreated 40 years later | Metro News

WPP-winning image “a staged murder for the press” says jury chair – British Journal of Photography

in the 70s, Toys of the Seventies, Spinwelder

Lorna Simpson Studio

BOMB Magazine — Lorna Simpson by Coco Fusco

TateShots: Lorna Simpson – Studio Visit – YouTube

Lorna Simpson, Artist Talk 10.8.15 – YouTube

Lorna Simpson Studio – Waterfall