#227: Psychologize That Up The Wazoo

© Richard Tuschman

© Richard Tuschman

This week, a discussion around photojournalism inspired by the Netflix series Conflict that raises a few questions for us to chew on. Would you ever put yourself in harm’s way for a photograph? If you already do, why? Is it for the photograph or the thrill of the shoot? Or some combination of both? Is a photograph more valuable than the life that is potentially lost capturing it? Also, does taking photos at important or milestone events enhance or take away from your ability to enjoy/remember said event? Plus, a teaser for next week in the show notes: what do you see when you look at art? Richard Tuschman is our Photographer of the Week.

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Confict – redfitz Films

The Fallen of World War II on Vimeo

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Things Organized Neatly

A Former Janitor Collects and Photographs the Items Seized from Immigrants and Thrown Away By U.S. Customs and Border Patrol – Feature Shoot

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Take a Picture, You’ll Enjoy It More

Michael DeFilippo

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DOCUMERICA: Images of America in Crisis in the 1970s – The Atlantic

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Richard Tuschman Images

An Interview with Richard Tuschman, the Photographer Behind ‘Hopper Meditations’

Hopper Meditations – Photographs and text by Richard Tuschman | LensCulture

Once Upon A Time In Kazimierz Promo on Vimeo

Richard Tuschman (@richardtuschman) • Instagram photos and videos

#226: You Want The Pixie Dust

© Nicole Tung

© Nicole Tung

This week, we discuss the magic of things and the legacy of genius. Is Winogrand’s camera, Clapton’s Stratocaster, Picasso’s brush or Hemingway’s typewriter somehow imbued with greatness? In choosing the same tools as our heroes, do we secretly (or not so secretly) hope that a bit of their magic will rub off on us? Photojournalist Nicole Tung is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #FoundArt

Store – Jeffery Saddoris

G.E. Smith Jams on the Guitar That Killed Folk! – YouTube

Episode 07 :: Revisionist History Podcast

David’s Ankles: How Imperfections Could Bring Down the World’s Most Perfect Statue – The New York Times

Bruce Springsteen – Wings For Wheels – The Making of Born To Run -2005 – YouTube

Busker by Gonzalo Silva on Apple Music

Episode 10 :: Revisionist History Podcast

Conflict on Netflix

usain-bolt-sourire-photo-rio-2016.jpg (1200×800)

Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and Katie Ledecky put their medals on display | Sports Illustrated – YouTube


Nicole Tung (@nicoletung6) | Twitter

Fellow Photojournalist Nicole Tung Remembers James Foley : NPR

Nicole Tung: Covering Conflict | Annenberg Space for Photography

#225: The Megapixel List of Life


This week, a discussion around printing (spoiler: be sure to use the correct profiles) leads to the start of a larger discussion around the perceived value of signatures. Do you sign your prints? If so, why? If you don’t, why not? Also, looking for the one camera that does everything—even the things you don’t currently need it to do—is a fool’s errand. Better to look for the right tool for the job at hand and let the future sort itself out. Brad Goldpaint is our Photographer of the Week.

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Red River Paper – San Gabriel Semigloss Fiber Review : On Taking Pictures

The Genius of Photography – YouTube

Alec-Soth.jpg (400×505)

Robert Rauschenberg. Rebus. 1955 | MoMA

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Nan Goldin Wants You to Know She Didn’t Invent Instagram – The New York Times

Paint and Switch? Did Alec Baldwin Pay $190,000 for the Wrong Picture?

Making a splash in Rio: Robots snap underwater shots at Olympics

Making a splash in Rio: Robots snap underwater shots at Olympics – CNET – Page 6

Bill Cunningham’s Photo Rights Valued at $1 Million, 25% of His Net Worth

Brooks Institute Closes After 70 Years of Photo Education

Hawk – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Wiki – Wikia

The Night Sky – Goldpaint Photography

TimeScapes: Timelapse Movie & Time-Lapse Forum

LRTimelapse – Home

#224: Blink Decision


This week, a discussion around the work and process of iconic Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama — specifically around the value of revisiting a place in order to refine your vision of it and how details often emerge through repetition. Also, how much time should you devote to your website? What are some “must have” features? Plus, do six-year-olds need to know about Daguerre? Eve Arnold is our Photographer of the Week.

On Taking Pictures – Google+ – Assignment: #park


KGI: Apple to drop aluminum iPhone casing in 2017 in favor of new ‘all glass’ enclosure with AMOLED screen | 9to5Mac

Robbed Olympics Photographer Spots Thief Posing as Him in Venue

Bad Words (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Historic Photos Mark 150th Birthday of Pioneering Black Explorer

Horrific Satellite Images of Texas Feedlots – Feature Shoot

Kyle Lambert – Stranger Things – Netflix Poster Artwork

Eve Arnold – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eve Arnold’s Life Re-Examined Through Her Photographs | TIME

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Eve Arnold – Telegraph

eve-arnold-joan-crawford-lose-angeles-1959.jpg (500×700)

Eve Arnold – “All About Eve”

#223: Driving Backwards is a Bad Idea


This week, how do you know if you’re close to the target if the target hasn’t been clearly defined? We discuss the difficulty in embarking on a journey (creative or otherwise) without at least a direction. How to you calibrate your creative compass when there is no true North? Also, next week we’re talking about the work and process of Daido Moriyama, using a video in this week’s show notes as a reference. Plus, who was the nineteenth century’s most photographed individual? The answer may surprise you. Klaus Enrique is our Photographer of the Week.

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Benny Mardones (Into The Night) – YouTube

Moment – World’s Best Lenses, Case, and App for Mobile Photography

Shorpy Historic Picture Archive | Old Photos & Fine Art Prints

Photographer Sues Getty for $1B for Copyright Infringement | Digital Trends

Official 2016 DNC Photo Was Shot with a 100-Year-Old Camera

Panoramic Visions

Frederick Douglass the most-photographed American of the 19th century | Daily Mail Online

“Picturing Frederick Douglass” on Amazon

Daido Moriyama: In Pictures – YouTube

MORIYAMA DAIDO ?NEAR EQUAL?????????????? – YouTube

Lux Noctis on Vimeo

Klaus Enrique

Klaus Enrique Recreates Arcimboldo’s 400 Year Old Organic Portraits – Beautiful/Decay

See Faces in Food with Klaus Enrique’s New Portraits [Exclusive] | The Creators Project