#299: Another Word For Failure

© Emmit Gowin

This week, we’re discussing “iterative ideation” — process whereby you course correct more often as a project develops — as a means of failing forward. Along the way, we wonder if “failure” is really the most productive way of thinking about our creative missteps. Also, we talk about some of the struggles of balancing our personal and professional lives on social media. Plus, 11 minutes for 3 setups with an icon. Emmet Gowin is our Photographer of the Week.

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H6D-400c Multi-shot

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#298: Jeffery Drifting

© Karl Baden

This week, we’re talking about the importance of mentors and how changing our focus can sometimes lead to incredible exchanges that would not have happened otherwise. Also, a discussion around workflow and the potential of using more of a mobile-first approach to post-processing images. Plus, are camera manufacturers simply releasing slighting different versions of the same cameras and trying to pass them off as new? Karl Baden is our Photographer of the Week.

Light | Home


Hasselblad on Instagram: “It is with great excitement that we announce the Hasselblad Masters Winners of 2018! – Aerial – Jorge de la Torriente – @delagallery –…” • Instagram


Hasselblad X1D-50c Medium Format Mirrorless Digital H-3013926

X-H1 and GFX R Reports Surface, Pointing to Big 2018 For Fujifilm

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B-2 Spirit stealth bomber at the Edwards Air Force Base Airshow

Photography by the Letter (Paperback) – Jeffery Saddoris

Every Day

See how BC professor has changed over 30 years of daily ‘selfies’ – The Boston Globe

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Stunning Video Shows a Man Flying With Birds

#297: Dog On A Motorcycle

©Pentti Sammallahti

Happy New Year! This week, we’re talking about various ways to approach 365 (or any long term) projects, inspired by some questions from a listener. Topics include: approach, overall goals and how to mark your progress when single pieces may take longer than a day to complete. If you’re starting a new project this year, we would love to check it out. We also discuss an article on Kotaku highlighting some incredible shots from video games. With so many “real” photographic principles being applied to modern gaming, do screenshots count as photography? Also, we’re going to try ending each month with a Q&A/Crit Wall show. If you have questions, or would like us to discuss a photo or two, email us at podcast at ontakingpictures.com

the 365 project

the 52 project

Avedon’s France

Some Of 2017’s Best Video Game Screenshots


Niagara Falls is coated in ice — and absolutely jaw-dropping – The Washington Post

Blackie on the App Store

Blackmagic Design: DaVinci Resolve 14

Pentti Sammallahti – Artists – Peter Fetterman

Here Far Away – Photographs by Pentti Sammallahti | LensCulture

Outcry as YouTube star Logan Paul posts video of dead body in Japan | World news | The Guardian

large format video camera | fiddleoak

#296: Christmas Q&A 2017

#295: This Is Where I Was Right Here

©Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber

This week, we geek out a little over the new non-upgradeable iMacPro and talk about hardware and workflow. We also discuss how deadlines can affect how we define (or redefine) good. Affinity teases a new piece of software for publishers and we discuss the new Annie Leibovitz Masterclass, which leaves us asking “What do you expect from online training?”. Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber are our Photographers of the Week

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“Off The Wall” album cover

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Lori Nix / Kathleen Gerber

Lori Nix – Wikipedia

NIX + GERBER: We make large things small

Nix + Gerber on Vimeo

Documentary — Marwencol