Big Print Sale

I was going through my photo closet last night and came to the inevitable truth that I need to do a little fall cleaning. To that end I’m having a big sale on pretty much everything I sell that’s got my name on it.

If you’ve ever wanted to own some of my work, there won’t be a better time to do it.

Signed limited-edition prints have had their prices slashed almost in half in some cases. Now starting at only $125.

In addition, custom Adorama books of both the Motion and Drabbles have both had their prices lowered to $129.

You can learn more details and place orders through Wadman Editions. If you have any questions or problems ordering, please shoot me an email to bill at




… and finally, I’ve started to offer some of my non-portrait work as very inexpensive unsigned prints up at So if you need something for your walls and are sick of IKEA prints, today might just be your day.