Episode 41 – “Our Microscopes Got More Powerful”

  • http://www.facebook.com/sketchyT Terry Schmidbauer

    a suggestion for something to talk about on your podcast. I just watched Barry
    Lyndon last week which may seem pretty random but the entire film was shot with
    non-electric lighting! They got their hands on a couple of Zeiss 50mm f.7 from
    NASA (that’s not a typo, they were f.7!) and created this Academy Award winning
    film. Check it out if you get the chance


    • billwadman

      Hey Terry- Ah yes, a classic. I’ll throw it on the notes for next week.

  • disqus_nWhNdiQnZU

    try a Google+ group it is a great place already for photography.

  • Relentlessfocus

    I enjoy your podcasts. Even though what I do with photography is so different from what you guys do the podcast is enjoyable because the questions/frustrations around creativity you bring up are the same for me. So thanks.

    Re this weeks discussion about intention and ART, Bill posited that the difference between Art and happenstance is intention and Jeffrey was uncomfortable about this. First, I think using the word creativity is a better term to use than Art, it avoids all the awkwardness of *importance*. So yes, if a guy purposely breaks a plate and photographs it he’s attempting to do something creative. If he just drops a plate, he’s not attempting to be creative. If he looks at the broken plate and thinks “awesome” and grabs a camera then he’s being creative.

    Which then brings up the question that you didn’t ask: “HOW creative is it?” You might find it derivative and think, “oh a Julian Schnable wannabe” or you might think mildly amusing or even earth shatteringly revealing about the flow of energy through dark matter!! It might “speak to you” in a deep and meaningful way or it may leave you cold. I thought you both got too hung up on either it is or isn’t art and the above gets you around the “what is democracy/love/beauty kinds of absolutes. Can we say that it becomes ART when the Saatchi bros or Gagosian decides to sell your photos and puts together your story as an astonishing emerging artist that you become an Artisté at that point. :/

    Also, in terms of photographers I was thinking this morning about how weird it is that in the “photo art world”, blogs, exhibitions, books, online mags, etc you almost never come across the names of two female photographers, Uta Barth and An-My Le who were awarded the prestigious MarArthur Foundation fellowships this year for their work in Photography. http://www.macfound.org/fellows/class/2012/

    Curious no?

    lastly, Jeffrey… what do you see in Ryan McGinley’s work, I’d love to know…

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