#110: The ‘Why’ is Much More Interesting


This week, Bill’s recent viewing of Tim’s Vermeer inspires a discussion around the technical nature of creating art. If we allow the process to be augmented by technology, at what point is the art in the making and not in the end result? Also, we discuss an interview with Cartier-Bresson and wonder if he would embrace modern changes in photography such as Instagram. Andreas Gursky (Rhein II) is our Photographer of the Week.

This week’s assignment on the On Taking Pictures Google+ Community: #splash
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Henri Cartier-Bresson: ‘There Are No Maybes’
The Online Photographer: My Somber Day Yesterday
Instagram Develops Into Career Path For Photographers – Forbes
Apple announces OS X 10.10 Yosemite
iOS 8 adds third-party access to camera data via an API
The Death of Film Is Felt Hardest In the City Built on Kodak’s Reign
File:Kodak Instamatic 104.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leica T review: form minus function
Julian Wasser’s Photographs of the California Dream, and its Underbelly
Manufactured Landscapes – Wikipedia

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Photographer of the Week

Andreas Gursky – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MoMA | The Collection | Andreas Gursky (German, born 1955)
Gursky – Selected Works
Andreas Gursky on artnet
Why is Andreas Gursky’s Rhine II the most expensive photograph? – Telegraph

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Andreas Gursky
Andreas Gursky
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